Thursday, December 30, 2010

Liberty is Essential for the General Welfare of the People.

Constitutional scholars/professors Randy Barnett and David Oedel's article, "Obamacare and the General Welfare Clause", written for the Wall Street Journal:

John Adams wrote an interesting point about the "general welfare of the people" in his 1766 letter, called "The Earl of Clarendon to William Pym", where Adams takes the character of Clarendon:

"For a government is... a combination of powers
, for a certain end, viz the good of the whole community.-The public good, the salus populi [welfare of the people] is the professed end of all government, the most despotic, as well as the most free." "Liberty is essential to the public good, the salus populi.-And here lies the difference between the British [American] constitution, and other forms of government, viz that Liberty is its end, its use, its designation, drift and scope."

Liberty is essential to the general welfare of the people of the United States! And since it is the duty of the federal government and state governments to secure our liberty and promote the general welfare, even via taxation, the federal government must secure out liberty in every thing it does, even in it's use of taxation and every other method it uses to promote the general welfare of the people!

It seems to me that the people do not have liberty when the government can mandate us to purchase a specific commodity or thing in exchange for mere life or that the states have their sovereignty and liberty when the federal government can bribe or coerce the state legislatures into doing complying with their dictates upon penalty of denying that state's citizens and residents of their benefits from their already paid direct taxation of their income. That is not liberty! That is DESPOTISM!

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