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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Quotes by Me, Inspired by Many"

"In a Constitutional, Democratic Republic such as ours, no matter what branch of government it may be, precedent does not establish law; rather, it is law, (our Constitution) that establishes precedent. The very moment that precedent begins to determine and establish law is the very moment that tyranny and oppression begin their terrible reign."

"The surest way to secure, protect and ensure your own liberty and rights, is to secure, protect and ensure other's liberty and rights, indeed, the liberty and rights of all mankind. When one assaults another's rights and liberty, in whatever manner or form, he/she automatically weakens and abolishes the security and protection of his/her own rights and liberty; it's only a matter of time until the very same thing that happened to the victim, happens to attacker. And so on the cycle goes, until freedom and rights were nothing more than a fairytale, having ceased to exist altogether." 

“Would you eat a piece of cheese with mold on one part while the rest is good? Would you eat the entire thing, mold and all, just because the rest is good for you, or would you cut away the moldy part and eat only the good? Most rational, clear-thinking people would choose the latter. The same must be done with a law that has one unconstitutional part; it can't be allowed to go into effect in its entirety; the illegal part must be cut off!”

"If we are all equal before the law of nature in a state of nature, created thus
by our Eternal Creator, equal in our rights and equal in our agency, and equal
as individuals and in pursuing our own happiness according to how we each
individually choose, all within the bounds of the law of nature, then we can
expect no less from the laws of man in a state of society and government created by man.  Equality before the law in a state of nature must mean equality before the law in a state of human society and government.  Equality in rights in a state of nature must mean equality in rights in a state of human society and government."

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