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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Thoughts on Healthcare Reform and Recommendations for how to do it properly"

"Republicans Shape Strategy to Undo Health Care Reform"

I realize why Republicans are doing this.  They seem to feel, like I do, that the recent healthcare reform law will do much more harm to the country and our liberty and rights than it would do good.  Yes, it has a couple, and I mean A COUPLE of good items within it's vast quantity of pages, words, and letters, but those couple of good items do not in anyway outnumber or justify the bad and illegalities that are in this bill.  They see it as something that must be repealed right away, not because they want individuals without healthcare coverage to suffer, not have healthcare insurance, or because they just don't care about them.  I believe the Republicans, just as the Democrats, do care about those individuals.  We are all human, both Republicans and Democrats, even al parties, and we all have humanities best interests ate heart.  It is not common for humans to delight in the suffering of other humans, or wish such suffering to come upon them.  But, I believe that Republicans also care about the rights and liberty of all others as well, including those suffering individuals, and that this bill, in its zeal to go something good, has bypassed doing something better, if not even the best thing, and is simultaneously destroying, bit by bit, the best thing we could ever have; our liberty and rights.  Is it better to have a zealot who will destroy all things good in the process of upholding one good thing?  Or is it better to save all things good, including the one good thing the zealot will destroy all to achieve, so that we may remain free, and still maintain that one good thing?  

The latter option seems the best to me.  Thus, it is my opinion that what must be done by Republicans is to write a whole other healthcare reform bill, one that incorporates those couple of good items in the present bill, namely the prevention of insurance companies dropping individuals with pre-existing conditions or not taking on individuals with pre-existing conditions, and also the item that will allow students and children to remain on their parent's healthcare insurance plan until the age of 26.  These items must be retained and incorporated into the new bill.  They are the pride and joy of the Democrats who passed them, as we hear from them every time they defend that bill.  And I too, believe they are good.  Therefore, adopt these items into the new healthcare reform bill.  

Also, Congress must open the state lines to insurance companies, so that individuals may select any company they choose, be it in CA, MA, UT, NY, or whatever state it may be located in.  This will give the optimal choice for individuals to pick what healthcare insurance they wish and will encourage much competition between the different insurance companies, and, with the help of the people, will keep those insurance companies honest and keep their prices and premiums lower.  The more companies there are to choose from, the more opportunities each company has to compete with the others for the individuals who are looking to buy insurance, and the more choices individual Americans have to warn their insurance companies to either lower their premiums or loose their business as their client.  This seems the most logical and money saving process, for everyone involved.

And most especially, Republicans must not right into the new bill an individual purchase of insurance mandate, this being the most offensive grievous, oppressive, and enslaving part of the current health care law.

Remember, Thomas Jefferson (1798) said,

"Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated.” 

And a congressional mandate that all individual purchase's purchase healthcare insurance, let alone mandate that any American buy anything with their own private monetary property is not one of those powers enumerated to the Congress in the federal Constitution, least of all the much abused "Commerce Clause."

However, while Congress is writing this new bill, the current bill must remain in place until the other new bill is passed and can replace it entirely, so as not to take the availability of insurance from individuals who were once not able to have it.  This is the best option, I believe.  Republicans, do this, and the country will have faith in you.  Live up to your campaigning promises!

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