Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Actuality of the Concept of "Spontaneous Order," Demonstrated through the Occupy Wall Street Movement in New York

Here's an interesting take on OWS movement and the society that has sprung up within Zucotti Park.

The society in Zuccotti park is an exact replica in miniature of society in America today, the very society the Occupiers wish to avoid and overthrow, a divided, unequal society.  Not only does this video point to the actuality and truthfulness of the idea of a "spontaneous order" in society, but it points to how certain ideals and principles bring about different spontaneous orders.

For a description of "spontaneous order," see here:

If one's ideals and principles are based on economic and material equality brought about by inequality before the law, as seem to be the principles of the OWS movement, then you will have an exact replica of American society today because this seems to be the principles and ideals behind many of America's laws, especially it's tax code.  If a society's principles and ideals are based on equality before the law, instead of material/economic equality, then such a movement as OWS would arise as a miniature of a society that has such ideals and principles.

But one thing is certain, no matter the ideals and principles of a society, when spontaneous order arises, there will always be inequality in materials and wealth, for as Hayek said, societies are made up of differing individuals with different beliefs, ideas, desires and needs.  Inequality is inevitable, no matter the ideals and principles one bases one's society on; only equality before the law gives man the only true equality in the only way possible, an equality in rights, whereas a society based on economic and material equality will have neither economic/material equality nor equality before the law and in rights.

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