Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On Liberalism vs. Conservatism, Defining "Liberal" and "Conservative" Governments

On Liberalism vs. Conservatism, Defining "Liberal" and "Conservative" Governments:

James Otis, Jr., an early American radical Whig and lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts said the following in his 1765 pamphlet called "Consideration on Behalf of the Colonists in a Letter to a Noble Lord:"

"The Great love pillows of down for their own heads, and chains for those below them.  Hence 'tis pretty easy to see how it has been brought about, that in all ages despotism has been the general tho' not quite universal government of the world."

Free, limited government based on the concept of liberty of the individual has been rare throughout the history of this world called Earth, and while it is condoned and upheld by God, our Creator, it has generally, though not universally been unhappily stamped out of existence by God's arch-nemesis, enemy, and opposition, Satan in countries and governments that choose to follow him and his principles.  There have been those rare occasions where free countries, societies, and governments built upon the golden and Godly principle of liberty of the individual have arose and flourished, America being one of them, but compared to the number of tyrants of despots this world has seen, these beacons of hope and liberty have somewhat few in number.  And thus, because they are not the norm, they are therefore the liberal form of government, the norm being the conservative form of government.  Tyranny and despotism, as defined by John Locke as rulers who exercise governmental power beyond that granted them by the people via their laws, and who violate these laws of the land consented to and promulgated by the people or their representatives...in other words, unlimited, arbitrary power in the hands of the government; these two forms of government have unfortunately been the norm throughout the history of the world.  And thus, tyranny and despotism, being the general norm throughout history, can be deemed the conservative form of government.  Any principle, ideal, law, or proposal that leads to and furthers tyranny and despotism as defined, no matter how much they may be (wrongfully) labeled "liberal" or done in the name of "liberalism," cannot and will never be truly "liberal," but will remain "conservative," being that they uphold the unfortunate general norms of government that are tyranny and despotism.

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